Alisha Westerman

"Anchors Aweigh" Official Music Video

Premiere: October 20, 2017

Directed by Francis Capone and shot by Markus Mentzer 0n St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Produced by Alisha Westerman and Francis Capone. Creative direction and styling by Alisha Westerman. The video was shot just a few months before three hurricanes ripped through the Caribbean community. It features rich, bright imagery of Danish colonial architecture and natural landscapes. “St. Croix has the lush, the green, the vibrant, and also the crumbling and eroding. I love to show both,” says Westerman. Lyrically, the song is meant to mythologize Westerman’s loved ones, culminating in a verse about her father suffering a heart attack while sailing. Her father, sailor and Calypsonian Llewellyn Westerman, makes a cameo aboard his 37’ sailboat, Charis+. 

"Human Prize" Official Music Video

Premiere: September 22 2017

“Human Prize” was produced and directed by Francis Capone and shot by Markus Mentzer in Los Angeles, California. It features Westerman busking on the LA Metro while traveling from Hollywood to downtown Long Beach. “Busking was something I started doing in New York,” says Westerman. “For one, I was broke and any bit of money helped. But also, it’s good practice. You see what resonates with people.”  The video offers a candid depiction of commuters, including impromptu audience participation. The lyrics of “Human Prize” speak from the point of view of an isolated celebrity, a lonely billionaire and single working parents, and how each relates to money. It's a song Westerman co-wrote with her boyfriend Shane Gooding, who passed away before the song was finished. The song is a simple, stripped-down finish to an eleven-track studio album that features pedal steel, mandolin, brass, and keys. The video premiered on — you can read the article here.

Artist Trailer

"Where You At" Official Music Video

“Where You At” was produced and directed by  Francis Capone  and shot by  Markus Mentzer  in Joshua Tree, California.

Premiere: TBD

For "Where You At", Westerman worked with designer Juan Chavez and makeup artist and drag personality Imperia. She worked closely with choreographer Neaz KohaniTonatiuh Elizarraraz was her "jumbie" dance partner. Produced and directed by Francis Capone and shot by Markus Mentzer.

"I'm Not Asking You" Short Documentary

"Ego Trip" was produced and shot by  Francis Capone  in Long Beach, California.

Premiere: TBD

"I'm Not Asking You" is the bizarre story of why, after giving up on playing music, Alisha Westerman cold-called a total stranger and hired him to producer her first full-length studio album in just ten days of studio time. Featuring Chris Schlarb at BIG EGO in Long Beach, California. Produced and shot by Francis Capone  in Long Beach, California.


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