"Human Prize" Official Music Video

“Human Prize” was produced and directed by Francis Capone and shot by Markus Mentzer in Los Angeles, California. 

Premiere: September 22 2017

“Human Prize” features Westerman busking on the LA Metro while traveling from Hollywood to downtown Long Beach. “Busking was something I started doing in New York,” says Westerman. “For one, I was broke and any bit of money helped. But also, it’s good practice. You see what resonates with people.”  The video offers a candid depiction of commuters, including impromptu audience participation. The lyrics of “Human Prize” speak from the point of view of an isolated celebrity, a lonely billionaire and single working parents, and how each relates to money. It's a song Westerman co-wrote with her boyfriend Shane Gooding, who passed away before the song was finished. The song is a simple, stripped-down finish to an eleven-track studio album that features pedal steel, mandolin, brass, and keys. The video premiered on buzzbands.la — you can readthe article here.