anchors aweigh

robots are the turn-on of the century · doesn’t change what gemini meant to me · in the tropical heat each day is valentine’s · in the frozen degrees we can slow stuff down · slow down our breath like yogis and ninjas · and fake our deaths · wouldn’t that be a neat trick · slipping off just to give your heart a break from the beat · anchors aweigh · i don’t want to hurt no one i cried · don’t know maybe i’ve got the evil eye · like midas’s touch ‘stead of turning gold · seems i’m kissing goodbye whomever i’m kissing hello · and every day monsters rear fierce gods · i’m the monster and they’re the gods · they rise up and pull me out of my cave to the light · anchors aweigh · arrested was the heart of my dear old dad · he sat up in bed said i’m not dead yet · you can tell that to all of the worried ears · i’m sticking it out for a star-studded grip of years · so let the magnificent squalls come · where’s my compass and where’s my rum? · weigh the anchor let’s take her out for a moonlit run · let’s take her out for a moonlit run