Alisha Westerman
Photo by Joseph Dean Daly

Photo by Joseph Dean Daly


Alisha Westerman is a Los Angeles-based Caribbean American artist from the island of St. Croix. Her music has folk roots, with jazz, early country and Afro-Caribbean influences. 

Westerman's father is sailor and Calypsonian entertainer Llewellyn Westerman. Her mother is a craftsperson from Long Beach who hitch hiked across the country and island hopped through the Caribbean, landing on St. Croix in the 1970's.

Westerman began studying piano when she was six and guitar when she was 12. She earned a BA in Creative Writing from UC Santa Barbara. After graduating, she focused on poetry and non-fiction, and was awarded a PEN Fellowship and Idyllwild Poetry Scholarship. 

After losing her boyfriend to cancer, Westerman left California for New York, where she focused on songwriting and found a home within the anti-folk scene. She played weekly at The Sidewalk Cafe, where well-known acts including Regina Spektor, Lana Del Rey and The Moldy Peaches performed at the start of their career. From New York, she made her way back to St. Croix, where she got involved with farming, chocolate making and the local theatre company.

Westerman has sung on projects for Steve Aoki, 60-watt kid, Ikey Owens (Look Daggers, The Mars Volta, Jack White), Jim Schwartz (Innaway, Gang Violets), 2-Mex (Up Above Records) and Misha (Tomlab Records).

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